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Gujarati - English Administrative Dictionary


Gujarati - English Administrative Dictionary
Speci for Gujarati subject in comptitivec exam.
Gujarati is most imp any class 3 exam  crack. So I give me ful pdf file gujarati medical, information, communication, media, technology, modern sciences etc.
are also given. Moreover French words have also been given as an English
equivalents for some Gujarati words. The alphabetic order of gujarati words
in this dictionary has been maintained as per ‘‘Sarth Goojarati Jodnikosh''
but due to some limitations of the computer, the alphabetic order of some
Gujarati words having space inbetween or hyphen and conjuction could not
be maintained.
As per the computerization policy of the state Government, the C.D. of
this dictionary has also been prepared.
Besides the consultants of Gujarati and English languages, the officers and
staff of the Research Branch of this Directorate have made sincere and commendable
efforts to make this dictionary as possible as utmost useful.
I am thankful to the consultants, experts, officers and the staff at this
juncture, who had become helpful in one way or other in preparation of this
dictionary. The following members have rendered their honorary services during
the work of preparation of this dictionary.
1. Shri Pankajbhai Jani, Principal, Commerce College, Gandhinagar.
2. Shri Trikambhai Patel, Retd. Professor.
3. Shri K.M. Mathew, Professor, Commerce College, Gandhinagar.
4. Shri Kundanlal J. Vyas, Retd. Professor.
5. Shri Dineshchandra Rawal, Retd. Professor.
6. Shri B.M. Shah, retired Dy. Director of Languages.
7. Shri A.B. Rathod, retired Assistant Director of Languages.
I am also thankful to the officers/employees of iNDEXTb, Udyog Bhavan,
Gandhinagar who completed computerisation of the dictionary. Lastly, I owe a
debt of gratitude to the Central Press, Vadodara for clean and beautiful printing
work. I hope that this dictionary will be useful and guiding to Government officers/
employees as well as translators.
 please click here download pdf file