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Modi government will give 3 important legislation to private employers

Modi government will give 3 important legislation to private employers
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is soon preparing to cheer the employees and workers of the country. In the center, the Modi government wants to focus on the same class of its own, considering the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. People working from private employers and daily labors seem to get a lot of relief under them. The government will soon bring three important laws to provide employees with benefits. With this law, employees can get many benefits like security, minimum wages.
Learn about new laws

The most important bill is the 'Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (Professional Safety, Health and Status of Work) code.' This draft code provides that companies, industries, or institutions with at least 10 employees are giving an appointment letter to each of their employees. Will have They can not hire employees without an appointment letter. Giving an appointment letter means that they will have to pay a minimum wage to the employees and all types of facilities will be provided to the employee according to the company's law. Apart from this, the draft code has also provided for providing full security to the employees in the workplace. The company will have to make sure that there is no such thing on the working place that the employee is at risk of being injured or sick. If this happens, action will be taken against the company and he will have to pay compensation to the employee.
The minimum wage will be decided

The second bill is 'Codeon Wages' This bill gives the Center the right to decide the minimum wages for all sectors. It has to be done by the states too. Under the four legislation, 'Minimum Wages Amrit 1948', 'Payment of Wages Act 1936', 'Payment of Performance Act 1965' and 'Equal Remuneration Act 1976', the definition of wages will be defined.
After the retirement, there will be a lot of benefits

The third bill is 'Social Security Code.' Under this, the government has proposed a big system for giving retirement, health, old age, jissability, unemployment and maternity benefits.
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