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Download Sandipani Awardee Teacher List Pdf For Year 2018

Download Sandipani Awardee Teacher List Pdf For Year 2018
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European Framework of Transitional Preparatory/Remedial Teaching To be able to compare and assess various preparatory courses in Europe, a European framework of transitional courses is necessary. By developing European Framework for Transitional Preparatory Courses (EFTPC), teachers around Europe can see how their design of their courses fit with the framework. In addition, potential improvements are identified and can be extended with the insights from the field. By using the WIKI technology, each teacher can add his/her suggestions to the EFTPC. This Framework is being developed in frame of European project STEP (Studies on Transitional Electronic Programmes). All information about Remedial Education it is from Wikipedia sit.

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Bhaishri believes that those persons who have achieved distinctions in various spheres of life and made extraordinary contributions to the society must be duly recognised and respected. Annually "Sandipani Gaurav Awards" are conferred to such persons at the Sandipani Vidyaniketan. The awards are known as the Devarshi, the Brahmarshi and the Rajarshi award. The Devarshi award is given to the saint who has devoted himself for the upliftment of society besides his spiritual teachings. The Brahmarshi award is given to the scholar who has done outstanding work in the field of Vedic literature. The Rajarshi award is given to the exceptional businessman who has generously provided financially for the upliftment of society. By giving such awards Bhaishri believes others will also be enthused and encouraged to do similar work.

The foll. respected individuals have been awarded so far.

Download Awardee Teacher List pdf for year 2018

Download pdf click here