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The Company Will Give 11 Thousand Rupees On The Birth Of The Daughter

The Company Will Give 11 Thousand Rupees On The Birth Of The Daughter

In order to fill the gap of gender inequality in the country, the country's largest healthcare network, OXI, will give 11 thousand rupees to every daughter born in India. According to the company, Parents who have registered under the OBC Girl Child Development Program will get 11 thousand rupees for the son's birth. The company will make a fixed deposit on this amount in the name of the daughter. The company's intention is to make the daughters financially independent.

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Under the program, after the birth of the daughter, 11 thousand rupees are deposited in the name of the bank. The company opens a savings account in the name of the daughter and deposits it. This money can be lifted on the daughter's 18 years of age. Apart from this, it also takes the responsibility of supervising the health of the company and the daughter.

Do this by applying

In order to achieve this benefit in the Oki Girl Development Program, I will be required to register myself during the 3 month pregnancy. You can get yourself registered by going to the OCY Health app available at the Play Store. After the daughter is born, the company will investigate the health of the daughter. Later, the name of the daughter will be deposited in the bank account of 11 thousand rupees, which will be linked to the base.