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The big gift given to the center by Gujarat is to Gujarat

The big gift given to the center by Gujarat is to Gujarat

Solar power generation is increasing in Gujarat. Gujarat has received three clearances from the Center's Renewable Energy Department. 45 solar parks in 22 states have been approved and their capacity is 22,449 megawatts.

The three solar parks approved in Gujarat will generate about 6200 MW of electricity. One of the three solar parks in the state is Dholera near Ahmedabad. This is a target to generate 5,000 megawatts of solar park. The other two solar parks, Radnadesda and Harshad, which are located near Charanaka, are producing 1,200 megawatts of electricity.

Rajasthan has become the number one state in the country, where 4,331 MW of electricity is generated with six solar parks, while Andhra Pradesh is at the top with four solar parks and 4,160 MW electricity. This information is from the non-conventional energy department of the Center.

The Gujarat government has decided to park the swoosh in Dholera Special Economic Region besides North Gujarat, which has been approved by the Government of India. 1,000 mw of electricity will be generated at the first stage. When Dholera is to become a smart city, this solar park will get more facility from the industry.
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