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The state government's major decision in the interest of farmers in the rain-fed areas

The state government's major decision in the interest of farmers in the rain-fed areas

The news of relief for the state's farmers has come. The government will provide electricity for 10 hours instead of 8 for irrigation. The government has taken this decision in favor of farmers who have been benefitting from rain. The state has not received enough rain for this year. So it is instructed to fill the Narmada water in Tipper dam of Kutch. 500 MCFT of water will be filled in the rainy season. The decision was taken at the Chief Minister's residence in Gandhinagar today. In the meeting Chief Minister, Revenue Minister, Energy Minister was present.

Farmers are frightened of failing to sow the sowing due to rain in the state. The state government has taken an important decision. The government has decided to provide electricity to the farmers more than two hours. The electricity that was given 8 hours in the first hour would now be given 10 hours.

If there is more rain then the government is considering the direction of artificial rain in the state. The government is probing this direction. In June and July, the farmers have sown crops in the monsoon, hoping for rain in the state. Rising crops are burning up. It was decided to give 10 hours of electricity to the state's farmers in the meeting of the High Power Committee held today.

It is worth mentioning that on behalf of the state government, energy minister Saurabh Patel has made this important and farming announcement. So this decision will benefit 15 lakh farmers and total utilization of 8 crore units of electricity will be generated. This will increase the burden of the state to 250 crore per month.

It is noteworthy that even though the state has not spent much time in the state for more than a week, the government has also been worried, despite the fact that the rain has not been seen in the state. In the early stages of the season, there was an atmosphere of happiness among the people who had received rainfall, Energy minister Saurabh Patel took a peasant decision on behalf of the government.

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