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Whatsapp Users Become Cautioned, If You Do It, Into Big Trouble

Whatsapp Users Become Cautioned, If You Do It, Into Big Trouble

In today's fast life, everyone uses smart phones and social media. Do you know, there are some apps through which your information reaches other people. One such application is Wattsup ... when you learn about the latest things about WhatsApp ...

Wattsup is a medium that lets you easily transmit information. Photos and videos can be easily shared in them. If you are using social media then you need to be nervous. Did you know that by sending a single photo to you, the cyber crime convicts can get all the information including your home. As soon as the currency of social media increases in the modern era, the amount of cyber crime has increased even soon. It has become easy for anyone to find and spy. Therefore, it is necessary for anyone to take precautions before using social media. This is just a matter of the use of social media. Now know how, crime is done using howsups. So for him
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First of all, a link to your phone or photo will be sent from an unknown number. A link will be a fairly Google link. There will usually be a photo or related information from any celebrity. Generally it is seen by everyone. Just clicking one link will give Stalker all the information about you easily found. The link that is sent is sent through an IP address and many such IP addresses are available on social media.
The link you are sending is as good or as it is, that you become compelled to open it. Through which all of your information like, in which district you live in. Your village or city name, which is a mobile tower network near you, collects many information that can harm you ...
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That is why everyone appeals to such an unidentified link, before thinking about an unknown message. After opening, there will be no untimely occurrence. The use of social media has become more dangerous.
- The information via the social media link is done
- Increase in cyber crime
-Addressed link is sent from the number

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